Getting a Bangkok happy ending massage is the best thing you can do

Every man no matter which age group he belongs to, longs for a happy ending massage. Bangkok happy ending massage therapy has become famous all around the world. It helps relieve every muscle of the body in every way. These massages combine the relaxation of a body massage with the euphoria of a hand job. This gives your mind and body the complete package of satisfaction. This kind of massage has become such a major tourist attraction along with the ladyboy escorts that they are one of the prime attractions for the tourism industry.

What is a Bangkok happy ending massage?

As the name goes, this kind of massage has been made famous around the world in Bangkok. Male tourists make it a point to go for a Bangkok happy ending massage during their visit to the place. It has literally become one of the things Bangkok has become famous for.

In a happy ending massage, the massage therapist who is generally a woman or a ladyboy will start with a normal body massage at first to help the customer’s body muscles relax and relieve them of whatever strain or soreness they might be carrying. Once the body massage is over, they slowly move to the genital area where they proceed to satisfy the customer sexually using only their hands by masturbating them off.

Can you get one at your hotel?

These massages have become so famous in Bangkok; almost every hotel has some provision for it. Many hotels provide twenty-four-hour Bangkok massage services. Some of the hotels send the massage therapist with a massage chair directly to your room at the time of your liking while others have a massage room that is open the entire day.

You can check in at the reception for a slot when the masseuse is free for you. You can even go to one of the many inns or massage parlors across the city if your hotel does not have the provision. This way it is very easy for you to get a happy ending massage wherever you are in the city.

Getting a Bangkok happy ending massage has never been easier, and it would be foolish of you to shy away from such an opportunity. Now the industry is even branching out, and many women are even going ahead to get one of these massages.


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